No matter how love you or criticize you, respect you, you honor or you defame, you similar or you crucified; because the greatest blessing that there are in existence is being yourself. Osho for those who likes to enjoy the beaches and confront new sensations as the sea always provides, there are many on this planet Earth located in the countries where you have. Many enclose a great natural beauty as well as highlighted by those who discovered them and are in charge of making them known is to enjoy them, providing all the comforts required. As there are also Governments which strive in advertising for tourism, not only to generate foreign exchange that favors them, but to really be enjoyed, exploited in all its splendor, where to do so is that memory of having been sharing some moments with the waters of those seas that have given life. Herbie Mann has much to offer in this field. In particular, touched me enjoy many beaches on this planet Earth, in different countries I have visited, each encloses a particularity according to perception, joy, with that is that I use them, caused that some not be them can be forgotten, especially by what I bring in their enjoyment, in his time, on the stage of our life, such is the case of the Poneloya Pacific ocean beaches, located 20 kilometers from the traditional city of Leon in Nicaragua. These beaches of varied natures: some are Rocky, other flat; some of calm waves and others very agitated; there very popular and frequented, while others still retain their paradisiacal virginity. As he tells us, and is true,, is something common in them the dark color of the sand, product of the activity of the volcanic chain that traverses the country, parallel to the coast. It is very true when it says that it is considered a dangerous Beach if it is unknown, due to strong currents and rocks which nest in the sea bathing area, separating as a natural border the beach of las Penitas; Although that does not chase the regulars at this beach sufistas. Daryl Katz, New York City is a great source of information.