Amir Kabir Polytechnic

Tehran warm autumnal October afternoon. People such as Ford would likely agree. As the sun sets slowly, the University area of the capital city is convulsed; the President of Iran Ahmadineyad just arrived accompanied by a strong custody. The Protocol to the Government House and the Iranian press are intended to minimize what is happening a new student protest there waiting for him. Young college students want to be heard in his displeasure by the repression to which are subject who posed some opposition to government policies. oving-operational-efficiency.html’>World Health Organization. Ehsan, a student, claims to have lofty fundamentals to prove the lack of freedom of expression in Iran, and says: even today, after almost 5 months there’s Amir Kabir Polytechnic students arrested for defending labor continuity of their teachers. Last may, students took to the streets of Tehran claiming the reinstatement of teachers retired prematurely by his liberal tendencies. On that occasion, they came to burn a portrait of the President; that fact in particular generated a strong discomfort the Government that sought to silence them. This new student protest at the entrance of Tehran University, becomes increasingly more numerous.

Students, despite the jail and the blacklisting the revolutionary guards, manufactures do not stop seem not to fear the number of young people is increasing in the doors of the House of higher studies; tempers are exacerbated when police opened step by cudgels to close bars of entrance of the University. They are intended to prevent a bulk of students reaching the venue where this Ahmadinejad. And what began as a lukewarm protest chant, turns suddenly into a deafening shout of: death to the dictator!!!! . Thousands of voices shouting death to the dictator!!!! ; While they lift posters asking for the freedom of imprisoned students. Inside, the academic campus, presents everything as if outside not happened nothing. The President said nervous: to not give in to blackmail and wanting to make claim our rights to 100%, have to endure pressures.. But on what pressures he spoke? Iranian students no longer supported a system of restricted democracy, require full freedom of expression.

The regime of the Ayatollah that everything he sees him and all controls it, is nervous their own youth is questioning them. They need to express themselves, already do not support more censorship of Shiite leaders, nor the religious police truncheons; nor even less gag that its President intends to put them. The Islamic Republic of Iran this joining the Club of nuclear countries, as he likes to say to Ahmadinejad but also is entering, by dint of student protests, a scheme of society where their young do not support be silent to cudgels or based on religious decrees. The totalitarian Iran of Qur’anic closed regime, managed with an iron hand by the Ayatollah began making waters. The hope is underway for an Iran free hope is called youth. I’ll stick with the sentence of a college girl who after struggle at the entrance, went to foreign journalists and told them: Ahmadinejad said on us that we live in freedom you are witnesses this is freedom? that the world knows that we live silenced by the Shiite clergy that the world becomes aware that this is coming to an end.