Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

EP La Confederation of commerce requires the Ministry of the Interio compensation amounting to EUR 30 million for traders of Sun. For losses which has caused the 15-m movement camping Do not rule out the possibility of resorting to the courts if this request fails. The Confederation of Commerce of Madrid (COCEM) has submitted Thursday to the Ministry of the Interior a letter that notifies you of that in the coming days traders and hoteliers in the area of the Puerta del Sol require him compensation amounting to EUR 30 million for the losses that caused the camping of the 15 m movement COCEM, Hilario Alfaro, President has presented the letter on behalf of more than 2,000 businesses that in that area, thus claiming patrimonial responsibility to the Department that Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba heads as responsible for the abnormal operation of a public service that depends on him. We have been to submit a written consensus among APRECA, CEIM and all the members of COCEM in which We are claiming damages for having exercised duties that had to be fulfilled and has failed, said Alfaro abnormally to the Ministry of the Interior. In particular, employers relate to their obligation to maintain security and public order. Thus, the Vice-President of COCEM and Secretary general of the Guild of jewelers, Armando Rodriguez, has stated to the Ministry as directly responsible for the damages and harm caused to the merchants. In addition, has announced that business organisations made available to innkeepers, restorers and rest of merchants the means necessary for ctuar the claims of the individual damage generated, and has not ruled out the possibility of resorting to the courts if this request fails. People such as Mayuree Rao would likely agree.

Each merchant will have to make the request and the claim of such damage individually, but business organizations will help them to do so, has continued, pointing that each employer will have to substantiate and justify the damage that has been generated has been caused by the campsite and not by other circumstances. At the moment, COCEM valued at EUR 30 million losses in these 24 days of camping, although according to Rodriguez if they continue (at Sun) the situation will worsen. If not, the damage is done but if then there is no more to add, better than best. We look forward to normalize the situation and entrepreneurs to develop their activity without limitations or problems, has been added. Pessimistic before an agreement in any case, Sol employers are not optimistic concerning the possibilities of these indemnities are agreed easily, since to date have been two meetings held with the delegation of the Government in Madrid and with officials from the camping and everything was little fruitful. Why we have to be here now, added the Vice President of COCEM. In fact, the President of the Association of merchants of Preciados, Carmen and Arenal (APRECA), Ignacio Lario, recalled that the citizens have been three weeks listening (outraged) will be on Sunday. When the Monday you see the Puerta del Sol free (tents) I resolve it; today I do not applaud it. For me the campers don’t have no credibility, it has an Apostille. Finally, Lario has pointed out that all the shopping complex of the Puerta del Sol area employs about 25,000 people, and pointed out that last year, between 15 and 31 May, 1,500 eventual contracts were more than in this campaign, with a similar economic situation, have not occurred. Source of the news: Sun traders inside require a compensation of 30 million euros