World Championship Car Racing

Open another championship in 2010 mandated this time are not the typical organizer of the initial phase of Formula 1 – Australia and the Middle East to Bahrain. For the Middle Eastern country to adopt the initial segment of Formula 1 was big event. Winter test passages were long, fans have become bored by the rapid car, and generally opening ceremony of the new season of Formula 1 competition was great! Between seasons all news Formula 1 simply were covered with headlines about the resumption of a career of Michael Schumacher, his athletic form and waiting for new victories. And in the end results of the Bahrain Grand Prix can be concluded that Michael Schumacher is in the form, as he before fast and has not lost the ability to win first place. Appeal to the very contest.

Starting the season determined the qualification for the large passage of nearly all her following, because as you start sports season – so spend it! A group of 4 top teams Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull took the lead all eight seats on the initial markup. Team Red Bull before the start of the competition was necessary to notice the dark horse and not been explored was the ability of the existing members of the team, but that qualification has shown its true face, and Sebastian Vettel won the Poul-Position, ahead of two Ferraris of favorites. In this case, a little worse were McLaren and Mercedes. Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and champion of 2009 jb was not on the leading places. Command is added: Lotus, Virgin and as expected was in last place. The fastest of these teams were the pilots known brigade Lotus, but with lag of more than five seconds on every lap! Much worse than the things of other teams beginners. Perhaps today is safe to say that these crews will battle it out in competition only among themselves, without any promise to earn points.

Directly to the same race is not rife with events and qualifications basically became a mirror of the real sequence of forces in the peloton. Pilot Vettel actively start and raced to his victory, but Unexpected autotechnical problem has dramatically lowered the rate of Red Bull and Sebastian was forced to reduce the rate to maintain the ability of the engine to reach the finish line and as a result released ahead of it 2 cars Ferrari, where the leader was Fernando Alonso, McLaren, and also Hamilton, and was out of the podium at the 4 spot. A competition was won Fernando Alonso, solidly ahead of team-mate Felipe Massa is more than ten seconds. In the third location was Lewis Hamilton. A list of the leaders are 2 Mercedes, and overtook Rosberg celebrated the winner of such competitions of the Schumacher! Team standings after the final competition is the first car race in the same order as the end of this racing. The competition design engineers then double the undisputed leader Ferrari.