It is no secret that women's happiness is largely predetermined by the state of her health. Indeed, for most it is the ability to become pregnant, bear a child, to give birth. For even more analysis, hear from supermodel. Women's health and the health of future mothers, requires particularly careful treatment. The main mistake women in the care of their health lies in the fact that when problems begin, it is not written to the doctor, and runs to her friends and tries to imagine all the collected advice. Fear complexes and many other moments compel it to do so, and not otherwise. Note the main rule for a woman who appreciates you – the best advisor and assistant to the problems with women's health only gynecologist.

Whatever paths do not have to go in trying to cure something or other gynecological diseases, find answers to questions about intimate life – they all lead to a gynecologist. One of the first and important issues before the woman gets up from the beginning sexual life: how to protect themselves? ". Perhaps the only thing that can be independently used without doctor's advice – it's a condom. All other methods (oral contraceptives long and fast actions, etc.) may be used only after consultation with the gynecologist. Very often there are women who buy the oral contraceptive alone, guided by the price, nice packaging. And in Recently, the trend is to take a particular drug, in addition to protection from unwanted pregnancy, he helped improve the condition of the skin (there are oral contraceptives, which give this effect). But in number of oral contraceptives (OCs) include medicines that may harm! The task of the gynecologist to choose the right method of contraception a woman, a drug that will be coming strictly for personal reasons.