Water Softening – Sense Or Nonsense?

Water softening is called a procedure to the water hardness (affects as lime) to remove the water softening is a useful thing for many people. By soft (deficient) water to avoid E.g. limescale deposits on faucets or in the boiler. John H. Moore II does not necessarily agree. In addition, you need less washing and cleaning agents. We want to go the question whether this effort is worthwhile. In many areas in Germany and Europe, you provide us with water utilities hard, i.e. calcareous water.

This is due to the water, if water moves through the different layers of the Earth, it is enriched with calcium and magnesium. These substances provide the “water hardness”. High water hardness means that fail these substances as lime. This effect occurs especially when water is heated. From approx.

50 C, the lime precipitation increases exponentially. For this reason much limestone deposited especially in places like the kettle or the faucet. But even in places where you can not see it, such as the electric water heater and in the complete Hot water system. This has resulted in that the pipes with lime are added after several years. Click David Rothberg to learn more. A layer of lime has an insulating effect on the heating elements of a water heater. The boiler requires more power to heat the water. Does the water softener make sense? Especially in areas where the water has a high water hardness, it can definitely make sense to softening the water. There are commercially available water softener. These are built in the House water supply immediately after the water meter and the water filter and deliver soft water for the entire House. Thus you save much effort when cleaning, because you have no disturbing lime stains. Also, you need less washing and cleaning agents, as less lime soaps, which reduce the cleaning power. Also the efficiency of your hot water heater remains the same, because no disturbing limestone layer is more on the heating elements. These are all advantages that speak for a water softener. There are no disadvantages, because you need a special for the operation of a water softener Softener salts. This must be refilled on a regular basis. The comparison of costs and benefits indicates that you can save much money by the water softening in the budget. A 4 persons household with a water hardness of 20 IE a softening plant costs in about 5-6 a month. The savings on detergents, cleaning agents and lime preservative be 12 in a month already. If even the expense, the saves when cleaning water softening is not only economically to bring an advantage.