VDSL In Germany Remain On The Rise

VDSL high-speed Internet access is represented in more and more households the number of DSL subscribers continue to grow although DSL is available now for some years for everyone, and many residents of in Germany have Internet access, from the statistics of the telephone provider out, that is also in 2010 already a growth of the DSL user recorded. Projections indicate that by the end of the year probably 9 percent more DSL and VDSL connections will exist. Therefore, approximately 26.5 million households will have Internet access in early 2011. The predictions of the experts continue to say that the number of broadband connections with large cracks will grow also in 2011. At the end of next year, 28.5 million households should have then according to the calculations through a high-speed DSL connection. In particular, the new Hochgeschwindigkeitszungang VDSL offers new incentives for many customers. Largest increase among cable providers are the strongest growth expected to be the great cable providers of Internet have recorded.

Already at the turn of the year of 2009 2.3 million homes for the new Internet connection entered himself. The three major providers are the distributors of this cable Internet: “NAA”, “Unitymedia”, as well as with the largest action area “Cable Germany”. Until recently, the business with the cable Internet was not very lucrative. But due to the progress of the speed and the quality of this new broadband connections have become where the previous offers almost equal and sometimes even faster than VDSL access. The cable-Internet business is more driven by the favorable sales of additional phone tariffs of. Although Germany is with the spread of DSL only in European midfield, but new technologies give the market new impulses such as VDSL and new applications such as IPTV. Christian Sievers