The Wall

Anyone with a little effort moved inland and at the same time he heard a click, like opened a gate. Adam became a feverish feeling the walls. Leaning with both hands in a dead end, he felt the wall was to turn around its axis. Archaeologist included flashlight and saw that the wall turned and formed a two-pass with stairs, and one of them went upstairs and another down. Adam stood in indecision, not knowing what to do. Then looked at his watch and decided to temporarily go down, so at six o'clock to go up and see how the flash. In recent months, Jim Hackett has been very successful. Illuminating the way the lantern, he began cautiously and slowly descend the stairs spiral staircase until they came to a small and completely empty room. Looking at it, Adam began to search for stone-button and finding it, opened another secret door.

For it was long and straight tunnel. Looking at the compass, an archaeologist realized that he goes straight into the desert. After closing the door to the tunnel, the man ran upstairs. The clock showed a quarter to six. Out of breath and barely moving the feet, he went into the room, dome, which was a soft twilight, and only in the center irizovy light formed a bright spot and covered the stone altar. It was a statuette of the god in a halo of the wings, holding a large ruby in his hand. Completely exhausted archaeologist stood enchanted sanctuary and looked at God. But suddenly caught himself and looked at his watch, stepped to the ladder.