The Tao

"With real pessimism can be written against education, but optimism is essential to study … and to exercise it. The pessimists can be good trainers but not good teachers. Talk about the value of education in both senses of the word value: I mean that education is valuable and valid, but that is an act of courage, one step ahead of human courage. Cowards or suspicious, abstain. It bad thing is that we all have fears and suspicions, feel despair and helplessness and that is why the teaching profession is the most subject to bankruptcy psychologists, depressions, fatigue accompanied discouraged by the sense of neglect in a society demanding but disoriented (Savater , 1997, pp. 18 and 19).

"Holistic Education in Mexico and Japan Atsuniko Yusha. An analysis of educational development in Japan and its similarity to Mexico. Atsuniko comments as they were changing the Japanese educational paradigm where due to historical events suffered by the Japanese people were changing the educational model even though it is a model an informal and formal education following the war were incorporated into Western values without losing sight the traditional educational scheme but gradually formalizing Western education, they realized that the return to the roots, Buddhist philosophy Sen never abandon but no longer considered important until authors like Fritjob Capra (The Tao of Physics) took up this kind of holistic philosophy realize the importance of values. They realize they must return to its educational model very channeled towards the development of a more transpersonal ego.