The IT Industry Is Growing And Providing An Ideal Environment Founders

Germany is among the countries with the most funding and support for business start-ups. The IT sector is a growth market with almost three percent annual growth, the IT industry is the interesting growth markets. In addition that the trade to a large extent by markets and shippers offer hardly any service is provided. New laws and regulations forcing the commercial user to backups and security measures cannot satisfy the write users. Within this industry, the IT service is therefore an interesting future market. An amount of last-related unemployment benefit I facilitate the start which is founding grant funding. He is granted for nine months. Also get a supplement during this period of 300 Euros / month for social security.

Should the employment agency once again extend the grant after nine months, only the payment for another six months is paid 300 euro / month for social security. If unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV) gets, can also be promoted with the initial fund. Purpose of entry money it however, is not to promote independence in itself. It should help rather II recipients ALG, out to take the step from long-term unemployment into self-employment. The entry fee is paid in addition to the unemployment benefit II. It is crucial for a successful application, the case manager personally to convince that the entry money will help permanently end unemployment. Support may apply for coaching to success the founder worth four thousand euro. This promotion is non-refundable with the exception of 10% and may all creation-related measures include marketing up to the organization.

In the case of IT-service-NET, the founder is accompanied until success. Self titled but not alone”the IT-service-NET offers a partnership. The new partner then participates of mutual technical assistance, marketing support and shopping benefits. Thus He acts as member of a group rather than as lone fighters. First non-binding information and assistance does the IT-service-net: due to the growing importance of the theme reinforces the network its ranks. Interested parties are informed and trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of small and medium-sized enterprises. Prerequisites for cooperation EDP are experience. An interesting task, not only for job-seekers and entrepreneurs, but also for already active lone. US / ITSN