The Importance Of Exercise

We all know the great benefits provided by exercising regularly, however, only 13 percent of people come to make exercise a habit real and constant. If you do not have much time we can always do. The important thing is that we see the great benefits of exercise and we do not focus only on trying to find or like. Fat is not lost in a localized way, although some exercises exercise a specific muscle. The daily routine, laziness and obligations generally earn on our good intentions.

In welcoming the sedentary we are accumulating risk factors for developing the two main diseases that cause death are cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Before starting any exercise routine is recommended to seek guidance from qualified medical personnel, especially if we have a history of serious diseases, obesity or overweight. A complete physical examination will assess whether there are risks or determine what type of exercise is best for us. The exercises should be started slowly, the task of incorporating the exercises to our daily routine should be done in a relaxed manner. Unrealistic targets and pressure to meet targets far away to our lack of practice can lead to disappointment. For exercise to be adequate in performance, there must be a minimum of effort. To take care of our heart, the best exercise is aerobic exercise. Aerobic activities such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, using the elliptical are great for your cardiovascular system.

We should not be influenced by the amount of calories you want to burn, but by the type of exercise that goes according to our physical condition. Anaerobic exercise is the best complement to your walking routine. This includes short activities based on strength, such as weights, crunches, pushups, squats, leg exercises, etc. It was found that the effectiveness of aerobic improvement with the complement of anaerobic exercise. It recommended the assistance of a professional trainer for guidance on the type of routine that we follow. We must exercise responsibility and respect the time limits when playing sports. The irresponsible exercise is harmful for health as well. Minimum recommended exercise three times a week, with an ultimate goal of our sessions are never less than thirty minutes. Never too late to start caring. The main objective should be and feel better about ourselves. Exercise can increase our physical attractiveness, but this is only an added value. It is confirmed that people who exercise are less prone to depression.