Table Tennis

Great sports off of TV and media Tussenhausen, where precisely the origins of table tennis to find 9th November 2009, is not fully understood, but it is clear that the sport is not an invention of modern times and often goes down in the thick of other sports. The media presence for table tennis is vanishingly small, but surprising this because the sport is a typical Club Sport, which is played everywhere in small towns and cities of Germany. And this is where the website is Tischtennis.NET, which was founded out of love to the sport and wants to offer a platform of sports. This interested about all aspects of table tennis can find out, ranging from the origins and the history of the sport to out to the technical aspects, which include balls, rackets and coverings. But the platform offers even more options and can be used as focal point for clubs and players serve who live in this sport.

Clubs can feel free to Register the database or print certificates for events, which are offered free of charge on. An all-around informative portal about table tennis, both old hands as well as interested beginners who want to know more about the interesting sport. A special feature of the platform is the easy entry, which is available and requires no Shoptalk. Even beginners or just interested get here quickly and can learn in the rules table tennis about the game according to the rules of the table tennis Federation. As designed, with its in-depth knowledge explains the technical area of Tischtennis.NET, is formed in which details of equipment and facilities can be found. To know more about this subject visit John R. Gibson. Links to additional stores can be used to equip themselves with the necessary accessories to the table tennis. Operator profile Tischtennis.NET is a project implemented by Scheidle design and is available in a number of Internet sites, where quality and design meet. With the practical Experience such an idea has been implemented since 1997, in which both all around the topic of table tennis has been processed, as well as with the philosophy of special and clear design, to stand out from the uniformity of other websites and to provide real added value. More Scheidle design projects have been implemented in both Web and print.