Sporting Goods

Market sports and fitness products, is considered one of the largest in the world. The scale of sales, it is close to the amount of: $ 100 billion a year. Nearly $ 40 billion in accessories for sports, fitness equipment and ammunition. About $ 40 billion in sportswear, and another $ 20 billion in footwear for the sport. The company, which captured the leading position, manufactures and sells sports equipment, clothing and footwear, Nike is from the U.S Her number sales valued at more than $ 10 billion a year. Recently Ford Motors sought to clarify these questions. German firm Adidas is the second place (almost $ 8 billion). After them followed, the North American Concern Reebok (nearly $ 4 billion) and the German Puma (about $ 2 billion annually) This market grows with each passing year, as more people realize the importance of fitness and sports. The number of people regularly involved in sport is increasing worldwide.

In addition to its original purpose, sportswear and athletic trainers are people every day. Now very fashionable to wear shirts and Nike shoes or Adidas as at work or in everyday life. Currently in North America, for example, only about forty percent of the population exercise increased annually. This useful trend comes in such large countries as China, India and Russia, where the possibility of sales is the highest. Sure, and people's living standards, has obvious effect on sales of sports equipment, and the prosperity of people above, usually, the more likely that they will buy and enjoy these sports products. Another big market is formed on fitness products. Treadmills, exercise bikes, accessories for workouts and weight loss are very popular nowadays.

In the past these products were only in the gym, now people are buying them for home use. Global trend – a healthy lifestyle, gaining the whole world. Even fast food chains have begun to sell healthy products, although they seem to be still very far from it. In any case, people begin to realize that the only active sport and the correct way of life can improve their health over time. As a result, the sporting goods market will continue to grow in the coming years around the world.