Spiritual Foods

As well as the body if feeds of food and from there it extracts its nutrients, the soul if feeds of the truth, and for it if it keeps alive. I think that aspect that can indicate the condition of the mental health, is the form as we relate in them with the truth. I try to introduce this thought relating, me since the minimum daily questions, until more important situations of the life. The proposal is here: to consider a vision on the degree of evolution of the capacity to perceive the truth and relates it with aspects of the life. More than what a truth or another one, but a model of mental functioning. I must remember, that the contents of internal truths, that is, that pra is had exactly itself, it is different, in its bigger part, of what what we share with the other. An eddy of emotions is generated by the conflict between internal and external truth.

Thus, to postpone this I unbalance, we try in them to exempt of it the time all. Most of the time in the cause sadness, scare, shame and that almost always some form of hostility is created. Thus, it stops defending in them of this group of feelings, we place the truth as if it was only valid for the other, we deny the truth. A problem in the search of the truth. A truth more is always an illusion to less. In, research of the facts with intention of if knowing the truth some elements are essential, as well as others make it difficult, overshadowing the way. It could cite the tolerance. The capacity of being tolerant how much to the frustrations that if find in the search of the truth, me it seems the only form to remain itself in its direction.