The title of this article was inspsired by something a dentist with over 30 years of experience in their field told me. Even though his area of expertise has nothing to do with the object of my blog, well I can apply that phrase to commentary something. And that told me that early in his career he managed to win much money by giving lectures on dental insurance to employers who then hired him to make insurance plans throughout the entire enterprise, and so many entrepreneurs. And he said that phrase because he said that for him, what he said was knowledge that was available to everyone, but I did see that one should not underestimate our knowledge, because not because we know it, means that everyone knows and that’s how he made his fortune, telling others what they knew. Then I started thinking and I realized that I also know a lot and surely there are people who do not know and I can say I know of. I realized that I can write my articles with topics I can think of that are others because they may be obvious for me but for others it may be helpful. So today I decided to write all I know.

My blog is focused on my performance as a business on the Internet, and will focus my articles on that, but with the touch of my learning in my career as a designer. I assemble my GDI page with SiteBuilder, which is a very efficient and made some designs to customize it a bit there, but I know much more than that, I decided to do just there to make it faster. Do not miss my future articles because I will be alternating my experiences with tips that will serve you much if you are starting like me.