Rowing Machines

Rowers Features rowing machine rowing machine offers a versatile way to build endurance and strength. While rowing machines belong to a group of their cardiovascular equipment as well and can be attributed to power. Trained at the rower use all the muscle groups from the Naga and ending with his hands. But first things first. Classification trenazherov.Kak rowing and other fitness equipment – rowing also has several ways to load changes.

In this regard, rowing machines are divided into two classes: 1. Mechanical propulsion trenazhery2. Electronic rowing machines. Mechanical rowing machine to change the load on the motor propeller simulator uses hydraulic cylinders that are under the influence of the flywheel creates resistance. Also, the load can be varied by changing the length of the "gay" or turn lopasteyTakie rowing machines usually have low tsenu.Elektronnye rowing machines in the electronic rowing machine uses magnetic whiter than perfect system.

The load is changed automatically by increasing (decreasing) of the magnetic field at the flywheel. Electronic rowing machine is more convenient to use, do not have to interrupt a training session for the load changes. In addition, electronic rowing machine provides the ability to set optimal for You load, and changes it smoothly, without damaging the joints. Such electronic rowing machine will cost you more. But you must admit – for the quality of the propeller to platit.Kompyuter trenazherNemalovazhnuyu role in the selection of rowing simulator is a computer. Most models are equipped with mechanical rowing machine micro computer, fixing the workout, the number of strokes per minute, measuring puls.U other more modern electronic rowing machine is used more functional computer. Allow to determine the optimal load and select the training program. Just some of the models have the ability to connect to a PC that not only infinitely extends its capabilities (allows you to analyze the results of the workout), but also allows you to compete online with other users, and rowing peacefully at his home. How to Rowing training on the robot to trenazherePri rower need to know some pravila.1. should not burden his knees, even at maximum load, they should be slightly rasslablenny.2. during the stroke back must be flat and take a bow back to 45 3. movement should be smooth and uniform.