Psychosomatic Medicine

Scientific proof of the relationship between aggression, anger and hatred. Negative feelings can "settle" within us that will lead to a variety of somatic problems: headaches, stomach and cardio-vascular disease (more information can be found in studies American psychologists Izarda K., and R. Holt, for example). Currently, many physicians approach the treatment of disease, based on the direction of Psychosomatic Medicine: a conceptual approach to health and disease consider these states as the interaction of psychological, social and biological factors. Very interesting about this American scholar wrote Franz Alexander in his book "Psychosomatic Medicine" (Despite his psychoanalytic approach). Naturally, the negative feelings and emotions and the subsequent disease does not contribute to the prolongation of our life on earth and give rise to a number of other negative phenomena: envy of many kinds and nature of addiction, depression, loneliness, fear, etc.

Therefore, if you look at the feelings experienced by us in relation to parents with 'mercenary' and 'practical' point view, we absolutely 'unprofitable' to hate and wish harm to those by whom we were born. Therefore, you should learn to accept their parents as they are, because we can not change something in their thinking and behavior. But we (and only us! ") Is subject to change your own" I ", his soul, his character, we can control our actions and activities, striving to eradicate a fact that so badly hinders us. It is this is the key to inner peace. While we do not find this key in a bunch of other keys, we can not open the door, behind which lurk spiritual harmony and balance. The second key on the path to spiritual calm is the humility of his own pride, which is the source of many of our problems. While pride prevails over us, we are similar to that fabulous Alice, who wandered in their country of miracles, and walking the a small door, could not enter into it, because it was too big and high. That's our pride so great and high, that does not allow us to achieve comfort and tranquility.

Theme of pride is also worthy of discussion in a separate article. In order to change its attitude towards the parents, you must sincerely and with all your heart to forgive them. Need to get rid of the oppressive grievances, to eradicate it from his soul. About how you should learn to forgive, we discuss in the next article.