Perpetual Skin

The main Brazilian capitals also start to show the film (So Paulo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Salvador, Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Manaus are some of them.) ' ' (IT LAUNCHES! 2004, pg.17) ' ' After the launching in the cinema, the estimate is to vender the record of 500 a thousand copies in DVD, that arrives at the store already in September (of 2004) ' ' , ' ' Massaini and Pel do not make forecasts on the collection of the film, that has budget of 6 R$ milhes' ' , ' ' According to Massaini, it has the expectation of, in the market of DVD and video, the production to fold the sale of 250 a thousand units of the phenomenon Maria, the mother of the son of God, the Priest Marcelo Rossi.' ' (Cineclick, 2004, web page) ' ' Anibal Massaini if showed cautious to the speech of the immense marketing potential that has a film on the biggest football player of all the times. ' ' We believe that the film can make much success, many rooms, also attracting a profile of different public, who costuma not to frequentar cinema. But when the film can collect in ticket office is one incgnita.' ' Esquivou, admitting, however, that the pretensions for the launching in other formats are not nothing modestas.' ' (DAILY Northeast, 2004, notebook 3) ' ' Without a doubt the new legion of finders goes to be imensa.' ' (MASSAINI, 2004, brochure of the film). ' ' It goes to be the landmark of a new wave Skin, that goes to take account of mundo.' ' (KFOURI, Juca. 2004, Making off of the DVD) ' ' I find that it goes to make sucesso&#039 very; ' (BARRETO, Lucy. 2004, Making off of the DVD) ' ' We choose Perpetual Skin to mark this line of performance for believing that the film has an enormous potential of public inside and outside of Brazil, and that thru will be able to have an expressive repercussion in the area of sell, dvd e, later, to be developed in series for TV.