Parents Fitness Made Easy

It is not easy to bring family, professional and sports activities under a hat – and usually comes to the sport. The Taga brings fitness in the everyday life of young parents. Netherlands, April 22, 2010: The multifunctional urban vehicle Taga is bicycle and sport buggy in one. It is not only practical, but also supports parents to complete the daily portion of fitness. And without the organizational problems, which often brings with it the sport outside of the own four walls for young parents. For example, that a child care must of course be organized for this time. More movement integrates with the Taga easily in everyday life.

Many lines, for otherwise the car or public means of transport are used, can be placed back with him. A short errand ride into town or a trip in the Park – the Taga suitable for different activities, because he a few steps from the bicycle mode in buggy mode can be transformed. He can not only used outdoors, but in tighter spaces, for example shops, squeezed out. So parents with small cycling can do something for their fitness, without having to arrange a babysitter. The children in turn have while visibility is driving in the Taga parents fitness program forward for them to a journey of discovery.

Can also be parent and child already exchanged while driving about seen and strengthen so their emotional bond. The good intent to do more sports, can better implement this way, as if in addition to job and children still dates for sports activities must be planned. The Taga can excellently combine time together with your child and a short practice. And because sports is obviously hungry, also shopping in the store around the corner can be done in the connection. In addition to numerous other accessories, there is also a shopping cart attachment for the Taga shortly. The Taga in over 40 stores from Munich to Hamburg is available or see.