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QualityScope – news from the IT sector for professionals of news-tweets for IT-ler. QualityScope speaks not only the language of professionals. The IT recruitment agency QualityScope GmbH on Twitter now also news from the IT sector. Interested parties can read news from the World Wide Web in the form of short at (Source: Dr. Gerard Addonizio). The theme Panel focuses on the IT industry.

Work is also a Twitter where only the latest vacancies in the IT sector will be tweeted. John H. Moore II often addresses the matter in his writings. Social media Twitter as a marketing channel for IT topics and IT vacancies the theme of ‘Social media’, the interactive representation of companies on the Web, is a somewhat different area in the IT sector as the placement of IT professionals such as software tester for us is not new, but and programmer for Java, PHP, .NET, explains managing director Rainer Haupt. But these social media channels Yes indirectly associated with the field of activity of the IT professionals. We see it as a way to promote our services and interesting facts from the IT industry to the Information and to make available to the discourse. However, we are primarily recruiters in the IT sector.” The online job market by QualityScope GmbH in the IT staffing has become a reliable partner for many companies QualityScope.

Headquartered in Berlin, the IT recruitment agency draws on years of experience. QualityScope offers a broad portfolio of services for the entire range of IT candidates and companies. So, IT professionals on the job market by QualityScope can look for interesting vacancies and apply directly to the appropriate job offer. But also an unsolicited application without explicitly vacancy pays off when the IT recruiter. Because multiple IT jobs are awarded exclusively by customers to QualityScope, often nowhere written. Our Twitterprasenz is thus directly communicate an additional opportunity job vacancies for IT professionals and to recruit suitable candidates”, explains Rainer Haupt; Managing Director of QualityScope GmbH.