North America

On the slopes of North America in order to spread the mysterious unknown as community buildings of indeterminate age. One of the unidentified archaeological myths of North America is a magic wheel in Wyoming – A large prehistoric structure, which is located above the top of the forest on a mountainside Big Horn at 10 thousand feet. It is quite clear already from the name, much of this building resembles a very large wheel width of about 80 feet and a circumference of somewhere 245 feet high, built of huge amount of freely distribute the large stones. In the heart of a great circle of towering mound of flat stones 3 feet wide, and from this "hub" radially moving away crookedly arranged 28 "spokes." From the outside wheels are five mysterious mounds of stone, not much smaller than the one in the middle of that, and they are five bars. All the other bars, but the only end in a circle. Named last spoke out at nine feet beyond the mysterious circle, ending at the sixth pile of stones. Mound of stones on the edges rounded, with the exception of the eastern: it rectangular.

When her walls blocked the stone slabs. This is a closed space, like a coffin, that is quite a place to where people could lie, apparently inside could get only through a small hole. This is a deadly hole in the street came out of the circle in the direction of the rising sun. Big Horn Mountain was considered a saint by different nomadic tribes who lived in the region, including in Skien, Kru, siuhov, Arapaho and whisper shonov.