Noise Maps

How to use the noise maps? Noise maps are used as a basic document to know the reality of environmental noise in the population and to develop plans, programs and projects preventive, corrective or integral seguimiento.acustica. Also, these should be used as support and technical input in the elaboration, development and updating of land use plans. Noise maps have inter alia the following objectives: * allow environmental assessment of each municipality with regard to pollution by noise. * Allow the global prognosis with regard to the tendencies of the noise levels. * Enable the adoption of plans of action in the field of pollution by noise and generally corrective, preventive measures and appropriate follow-up. Perhaps check out Gunnar Peterson for more information. To establish the conditions in which are found the levels of noise at the national level.

Noise maps should contain as a minimum the following information: * value of the ambient noise levels existing in each of the areas evaluated. * Delimitation of areas affected by noise pollution. * Date of preparation of the noise map. * Specify the height to which the graphical representation is made. Alarms in all buildings, and buildings should be required take preventive measures necessary in order to ensure that ancillary and complementary installations of the buildings, such as: elevators, refrigeration equipment, metal doors, garage doors, machines, stations of pumping, processing power, ventilation and extraction of air, musical instruments, pets and any other mechanismremain with location and acoustic isolation precautions that ensure that the maximum permissible noise emission standards are not exceeded. At equipment installed in courtyards or rooftops, showing involvement by noise to the environment, exceeding the established by law permissible noise or ambient noise emission standards, systems must be installed in noise attenuation that ensure compliance with allowable standards. Security alarms currently installed in buildings should not issue to environment noise greater than 85 decibels dB (A) measured to three (3) meters away in the direction of maximum emission.

Sanctions in case of violation of the environmental provisions referred to in the present resolution, the competent environmental authorities, impose preventive and disciplinary measures at that place and its regulatory provisions, or which modify them or substitute, without prejudice to other actions that there is place. As this may impose:-daily penalties of up to a sum equivalent to 300 monthly minimum wages, liquidated at the time of the respective decision. -Suspension of the registration or the license, the grant, permit or authorization; -Temporary or permanent closure of the establishment, building service respective and revocation or expiration of the permit or concession; -Suspension of work or activity, when in its continuation may arise harm or danger to human health, or renewable natural resources or when the work or activity is started without the respective permit, lease, license or authorization.