New Office

If you decide to open a new office or expanding old, it is best to apply to close relatives or friends. Perhaps there are friends who can provide space on favorable terms. Rental of premises from a familiar person in a certain extent guarantees the absence of any fraud or non-responsibility contract. You can place an ad on the search of premises at the relevant websites or place advertisement in local print publications. Correctly and clearly specify all the required conditions of the room, the goals which you need the room and expected duration of the lease.

The printed edition is best to conclude a treaty periodic placement of such advertisements. Major role in choosing the room is its location, it is necessary to take into account that the rent is not in the downtown area will goazdo cheaper, it is necessary to take into account availability of transport next to the building and office location in the heart. Before signing a lease of real estate should be discussed with the landlord all the possible issues relating to transmission facilities, the conditions of its lease and order release in the lease all of this should be stated. Be sure to install the form of law, which has a lessor, depends on this kind of established contractual relationships. If the office premises owned by the lessor and the lease does not exceed one year, then you need to sign a contract line rental. If you plan a longer term, the agreement must register with the justice agencies.

If leased office building owned by a landlord on the lease, you must sign a sublease agreement. The main thing to take into account that the term sublease shall not exceed the validity of the contract direct lease with the landlord owns. Conclusion of the contract of sublease should occur only with the consent of the owner of office space. If as the owner of the premises are the municipal or public authorities, then rent a room only when the state registration of a sublease. In addition to the owner as a landlord can serve the companies that own office buildings. Order paperwork in this case depends on the person or entity is the lessor.