Mirandiba City

In way to the pernambucano hinterland it is Mirandiba, that as poets of the region is a small great sky city. It is there that parts of the roots of forr live foot-of-mountain range, that livens up the pernambucanas parties and that it gained the world in the accordion of Gonzaga Luis. The beautiful landscapes sertanejas also attract visitors the Mirandiba. One to put of the inesquecvel sun it can be appreciated in the Long Rock or the Hose of the Heath. The juninas parties are tradition in the city and they do not leave of being led by the sound of the accordion, zabumba and triangle that sound its chords in the mounted large cabins of forr in the city. He is the true one Are Joo of interior, with right the typical, fogueiras foods and simpatias. The city also hosts all year a stage of the Cattle Gold Circuit, receiving hundreds from adepts of the activity. Mirandiba possesss tourist points, such as: Health-resorts with Banns of Swimming pool and Pipe, typical foods and drinks in general.

We have the Tropical Health-resort and the Coyote; The Hose of the Heath, in the Small farm Heath of Gamma. The Biggest Hose of the World; The Long Rock, in the Small farm Assembler. Great Rock in form of cone with rupestres paintings; The Rock of the Bell, in the farm Bar of the Deer, with strong ecoante sound to the touched being; The Furna de Lampio, next to the District to Tupanaci. It counts the Legend that the Cangaceiro Lampio when passing for these lands rested with its Flock in the Furna; The Catolezeiro of Seven Pantries. Catolezeiro that suffered genetic mutation and shows Seven Pantries, when normally it would have to show only one; The Casario de Tupanaci. The houses oldest of the region.

Constructed for the first families who had inhabited the region has 200 years more than. The Barana of the Ccero Priest. Located in the Fertile valley Town of the Shot. It counts the Legend that the Foot. Ccero in middle of the decade of 40, when passing for this region, rested and celebrated a mass in the Barana; The traditional Party of Ours Mrs. of Lourdes in the Preces farm of the Rodrigueses; Educative society Mirandibense (WITHOUT), in which all the weekends promote events for the diversion of the young and adults of the city. Mirandiba is in domniods of the hidrogrfica basin of the River Paje and has as main tributaries are the streams of the Round Forest fire, of the Espraiados, Umbuzeiro, Potbellied, Maracan, of the Serote, the Tiger, the Priest, Green, of the Cauldron, the Peaks, the White Hand saw, the Green Hand saw, the Serrotinho, the Peaks, New Land, of the Way, them Sands, of the Caieira, it Caro, of the Barrier, the Waterfall, the Preces of the Rodrigueses, the Ownership, Aterro, the Umburana, Croatian, of the Boio, the Old Roa and the Heath, all of intermittent regimen. Account still with the hdricos resources of the Ju Dam and the Lagoons of the Black Wood, the Slum quarter, Hidden, Great, of the Caro, the White Rock, the Pinhes, the Catol, the Xerm and the Deer.