With the reflexology treatment inner blockages solve Lubeck, June 20, 2012 often we neglect our feet, although they carry us through our lives and thus represent a foundation of our body. A good way to treat the feet a little relaxation, is the foot reflexology treatment. Here, not only the feet are maintained, but to more well-being helped throughout the body. Because the body organs be driven through the treatment of certain zones at the foot reflex. That has health-promoting, activate self-healing powers and strengthens defenses. At the same time, a balance between spirit and soul will take place. Within the framework of healthcare, the reflexology treatment took so long firmly.

Cure the feet the reflexology treatment originates from China and is over 1000 years old. Many regions of the foot are in reflektorischer relationship to various body parts and organs. He often neglected Foot is a more effective therapeutic action. He is regarded as central hub of trigger let out remote effects throughout the body. Pressure and pulse massage of reflex points affect the associated area.

So can, for example, of the reflex zones of the foot the cure for this tissue stimulated an operation after the injured area may be treated yet and thus favors the reduction of swelling. There are no acute symptoms, causes the foot reflex zone massage deep relaxation and general well-being. It keeps the body healthy and supported him in his daily work. How this works, the Cosmo gives Academy in their training of foot reflexology treatment. Here participants learn how the special techniques of reflexology treatment, as well as the varied application possibilities, so that you are then able perform targeted at their customers. Further dates and details are at or directly see to find. Additional information and registration at Tel: 0170-8685023, about the Eric Academy the Eric Academy offers a versatile continuing education program in the fitness and health area. Thanks to a competent team of physicians, physiotherapists, sports scientists and fitness economists, it ensures intensive education and training at the highest level.