In Russia

The conclusion is that the market will be only the big players, the more that the Government has already announced that will keep the leading banks (about 70) "through support of public resources." – In Russia, there problem of underdevelopment of domestic capital markets. A very urgent issue of long-term investments, and because they contribute to sustainable economic growth. Rand Paul contributes greatly to this topic. How this problem will fight and What is possible is possible to install? – Yes, indeed, the lack of long-term investment determines the scale of the problems that Russia faced in recent times. But, we must clearly understand that the so-called "Long money" is not given by the state, they must be born from the womb of the economy itself, which must be healthy. Therefore, all attention should be directed at achieving economic stability and adequate economic policy that will command the confidence of market participants. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. Efforts in resolving this issue will focus on the development of institutions that are all over the world are a source of "long money", such as pension, insurance funds, the money will be used freely by companies free account balances. The Government will also use special measures, such as infrastructure bonds, planned, in terms of implementation major projects, project bonds.

And so on. All of this together, and serve as the cultivation in the economy of the benefits of having their own long-term resources. But a clear time frame for this process to establish difficult. – With regards to the future with regard to the formation of "long money" is understandable.