Implants For A Radiant Smile

The city dentists informed their patients about the application possibilities of modern implantology a healthy, beautiful smile has a high value for most people. Sooner or later it is however often a loss of teeth. Dentists in Stuttgart inform about the possibilities of modern implantology to preserve and restore an attractive smile Dr. Elke Behle and her colleagues of the CITY. (Similarly see: James Alesia). Archaeological findings show how important a healthy, functioning teeth has always been people. 2000 to 3000 years ago, various materials as restorations were used in the human jaw! Of course, scientific and technical progress has changed fundamentally the implantological restoration image. Nowadays, no gross replacement teeth made of quartz, ivory or even wood are more used.

Rather implant pins are set a biologically compatible titanium using modern operational procedures in the patient’s jaw and individually machined Dentures by the single tooth connected up to the full denture. The material Titanium has proven itself through its optimal biological compatibility and is regarded for decades as the best implant material due to a 95% success rate. Titanium connects to the bone at the molecular level. For implant screws made of pure titanium, used in dentistry, this means a combination of compatibility and stability, which reached no other material. Implantology is the most advanced method of tooth replacement and has a wide range of application possibilities. First, a fixed restorations can be produced by dental implants. This option is used for single tooth replacement, small and large power gaps (multiple missing teeth in a closed row of teeth), or Freiendsituationen. To replace of individual teeth, crowns, which are precisely adapted to the individual patient’s jaw, are screwed to the pillars of the implant or cemented.

In contrast to the alternative supply a Bridge without implant anchor, it is not necessary for the implantation procedure, grinding teeth. Thus, it protects healthy teeth of the patient. In the case of larger gaps of switching the dental implant treatments can either single implants for each tooth to be replaced or be by multiple implants, used as the anchor of a bridge. In Freiendsituationen, the use of implants allows anchoring a fixed dental prosthesis, for otherwise no anchor would be more available. Dental implants can also serve as anchors for removable dentures. Especially when the total replacement, this procedure allows a firm, comfortable fit of the denture while avoiding pressure points. The modern oral implantology is the first choice of friendly and aesthetic dentistry, due to their wide range of applications and the use of health-friendly materials. For further questions concerning dentistry and other dental specialties, Dr. Behle and her colleagues of the CITY are dentists in Stuttgart at the disposal. Press contact: CITY dentists Dr. Elke Behle & fellow King’s road 16 70173 Stuttgart phone 0711-7 22 33 4 – 0 fax 0711-7 22 33 4 – 29 email: Homepage: