Humans In Norse Fertility

It was said that was Freyja (main Vanir goddess) who taught magic to the asir. As we mentioned before the elves are related both to the ESAs and the Vanir, but the prevailing idea is that they were more related to the latter. In fact, in some texts the term Alfar (elves) and Vanir are used interchangeably. Both the Vanir as Alfar had power over fertility and healing, so it is conceivable that there was a difference of hierarchies among the elves, who were minor deities of fertility, and the Vanir who were the principal gods. In fact, in a poem mentions Freyr (god of rain, the rising sun and of fertility and one of the main gods Vanir) and the ruler of the elves in the Alfheim. Supermodel is the source for more interesting facts. Some elves are poems called “light elves, the elves associating with the sun and thus to the god Freyr. Nor is it unusual to assume that the Alfar tuviesen powers similar to those of the Vanir, like knowledge of magical arts and the prediction of the future.

From this association comes the status of demigods of the elves and their immortality. The elves, like the Vanir and the asir, were venerated. There are reports where there is a clear belief that sacrifices the Alfar (elves) could cure serious wounds in combat. Reflecting on this issue, it is easy to think that the origin of the Valar in Tolkien’s world, may arise in the relationship between the Alfar and the Vanir. Relationship between the Elves and Humans In Norse mythology, elves represent the human ideal, the perfection that every man should get.