Healthy Childrearing

Unfortunately, mom raising a child alone is often not thinking about whether it grow. The main problem in these families is that the mother not actually raising a child – she creates with his family. Their relations are set up as adults, partnerships, are in fact, on its part, an attempt to replace the absent husband. I was very wary whenever they come to welcome such a mom tell her son independent, economic, "a real man." And this "man" in essence, deprived childhood, and more often and future independent living. These "mother's sons" do not marry is not childish, but because woman is, in fact, they already have, we can only find a lover. But fortunately there are also more mature moms, who raises a child alone, see it – the child is not at the expense of trying him to solve their personal problems. But here there are plenty of pitfalls.

Man, raising his son, did not come up with what it would be, but simply teaches and gives him everything he owns. My mother is not an option, and it starts to raise a child based on their own idea of the perfect man. But, unfortunately, the ideal – not always occur out of nowhere, but because of our needs unfulfilled. It turns out that someone brings up the defense, someone henpecked someone guardian. Program for the future mother instilled in early childhood.

It fleetingly thrown phrases that sink into your subconscious level and determine the future behavior of the child. Women with high levels of anxiety, who are afraid of loneliness, can speak his sons: "Now I care about you, but when you grow up, you'll take care of me ," I know you're a good son, you never let me throw , "Even when you get married, you do not forget Such messages – virtually ensures an eternal bachelor who will live with his mother until her death. Otherwise, the correct message addresses the mother, who says: "You grow up, you will have his own family – wife, children If I I can, I'll help you If you can, and if I need it, you will help me " These messages allow a child to have a "life plan" does not depend on Mom, where he plays the role of an independent mature rights. And yet, arrange all the same boy male society. Spending time with your friends, neighbors or male relatives, looking for him, the boy will be able to try on male traits.