Hand and Foot Cream

Cosmtics i Aromes is a young distributor of cosmetic professional, personnel, corporal hygiene and perfume shop with a force of sales in Catalonia and sales in all Spain. Located in Barcelona, its vocation this oriented to the approach of international marks of quality to the Spanish consumption reason why makes him flow with elegance in a very competitive market, where the commitment between cost and quality favor to him. The marks that represent provide fit prices without jeopardizing the quality very. Our bond to the manufacturers allows us to manage integral a technical support thus to be able to maintain all the clients presumptuous, besides a public satisfied with the reached commitment, because what truely you concern to us your beauty! We represent licenses of recognized international marks and our center is informed deep of the needs of the consumers and the last tendencies and new features of the market as much at national level as international. The represented products (Andreia, HOH and Jandaia) are endorsed by all the obligatory registries in the EU, thus guaranteeing products produced and controlled in communitarian Europe.