Respectful silence started to dim our confident young voices e, demanding our attention to the humming of the insects in activity. The coolness of the morning stimulated our firm legs, with passing wide and soon we distancivamos in them of the too much groups in the way of soft but constant inclination. Everything around inspired to our steps route to the top of the hill. Compact trees with interlaced twigs disputing each Sun ray that went down to the ground, wet soft gram still of the dew as carpet to our feet. In high thick clouds if they mixed and they formed mobile pictures under a deep one of blue calm. Some leves dived in our heads as if the trees were launching petals in cortejo of winners who come back of a war. But no war was being stopped in that place, so only the search for a supposed cave, or same, to so only arrive at the end of a track that defied many experienced explorers.

Passed 40 minutes since the beginning we had covered about 1,5Km and already we did not hear more the sounds of the other caminhantes, not even we heard our voices since we were in saving to advance up to 10 km in the first day. The knapsacks started to weigh a little loaded with equipment for spend the night in the way of the forest: lanterns, matches, water, maps, knives and much spirit of adventure. Blaise brought a compassing and a GPS, of the three was what it is prepared better and for more time, costumava to camp since child and wise person of many histories happened in that forest, even though some frankly were invented by it. Baruch, for being son of an immigrant historian with much knowledge of archaeology, had inherited of the father the taste for these studies and of far it is what they have greater knowledge on the subject.