First Aid Kit For Infants. Drugs

In the kit your baby should be medications that will help you help your child to the doctor's visit: iodine, antiseptic furacillin tablets for solution for washing, children's nose drops, children's syrup the temperature of the vapor tube and medications that reduce bloating. Children's nose drops can help you to reduce nasal congestion in a child with a cold and related disorders of sucking. Must be considered that infants use special drops, with a small concentration of active ingredient. This may be a drop Nazivin, Noksivin or Rinazolin. Senator From Kentucky often says this. Infants during the first 4 weeks of life is instilled in each nasal passage on 1 drop of 0.01% solution 2-3 times a day, from 5 weeks to the end of a year of life by 1-2 drops of 0.01% solution, and only after a year, you can use 0.025% solution. You can also use the drop Nazol Baby: they are also used in children up to 1 drop 4 hours. Duration independent of these droplets – 3 days later if they are needed, you must agree this with your doctor. Often with colds zayubolevaniyah temperature rises.

To reduce its need to have special children's dosage forms of fever. In children, the first months of life conveniently used antipyretic in candlelight, you can use paracetamol and Efferalgan (80 mg) in the candlelight, and with 6 months – candles Tsefekon D. To improve the overall health of the child, as well as support antipyretic effect can be used candles Viburkol. This homeopathic medicine, which contains several non-toxic substances that improve the tolerability of high temperature and contributing to its decline in children from the first days of life and up to 6 months, the dose is candles (used 4 times a day).