Expresses Chaves

The participants had been boarded in its establishments, being explained the objectives and ends for which if she makes necessary its contribution for the development of this study, not being the same ones, at any moment forced to participate and nor induced in its answers during the interview. The data had been analyzed qualitatively. The partner-demographic questions had been analyzed through descriptive statisticians, whereas the subjective questions had been analyzed of qualitative form, categorized, described and compared through pertinent literature. Both the data had been analyzed from the Speech of Sujeito Coletivo (DSC) in form of Ideas Central offices (IC) that as Lefevre and Lefevre (2000) represent Expresses Chaves (EC) say of them of the interviewed ones, what it allows to organize the thought in synthesis form being facilitated the interpretation and formularization of the use of the technique of the DSC, author searchs the understanding of says of the citizens through the addition and categorizao to them of the gotten speeches, generating a species of collective thought. During the inquiry process the ethical aspects of the research had been considered involving human beings, in accordance with Brazil (2000), contemplated in the Resolution number 196/96 of the National Advice of /CNS Health. For in such a way, the term of free and clarified assent was elaborated, assuring information to them on the objective of the study, the freedom in each one to participate of this study, the right the privacy as well as giving up in any phases this study without damage for its image and work. RESULTED When analyzing the data gotten in this collection we evidence the form as the local society was affected in its totality with the reform of the federal highway however, when extending the fan job chances, the local economy was warm considerably, with the increase of the amount of inns, the value of the rent of the property, the generation of jobs right-handers and changes had also affected social sector therefore had been absorbed in our diferentes.contudo city employee of five states its habits and customs had passed to be introduced in our culture .a amount of licenses for parties had increased of 40 for 56 in the period of fond of the company until May of 2010, and the number of bars passed of 19 to 42.essas changes had caused a significant impact in our society.