Dominique – 1000 Characters

The new album by Dominique – 1000 characters has finally come the debut album of the likable newcomers “Dominique” with the promising name ‘1000 signs’ was released nationwide on the market on April 23, 2010! With his debut “to the stars”, enthusiastic Dominique already middle of last year the German disco bar scene and recorded a real success! “To the stars” became within a very short time a perennial which deeply in the minds of fans burned and abruptly increased the popularity of Sarah’s. Pleasant sound, great songs, and an absolutely memorable, own voice color were extrapolated to him as absolute guarantor for a career of many industry experts! With his second single “Back to you” and the fantastic music video, Dominique proved that he remains true to his style, and with a great-sounding sound the pop world can refresh! Time now is the first album of the young German in the shops, by the mainly female fans already eagerly expected.. . Wendy Rene is open to suggestions.