Dominican Republic Vice President Rafael Alburquerque

But the democratic values and institutions as well as civil liberties and Press increase accountability and reduce corruption, helping to direct public attention to pressing needs, increasing, thus the potential to become responsible to the needs of the poor. "Studies linking poverty and democratic quality are enhanced while the alternative systems disintegrate, democratic regimes multiply and mature but the poor and marginalized populations increase exponentially. One of the icons in this regard is the Indian economist, Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize in 1998, who, through his study " Poverty and Famines "(Poverty and Hunger)," argues that the various political freedoms available in a democracy, including regular elections, free press and freedom of expression, help to pay attention and action to the needs of the poor "(6). The most basic of human dignity is to satisfy the minimum requirements needed to live and develop. If democracy has this deficiency is completely sense for breach of their most essential responsibility. As delivered on 28 October this year, the Dominican Republic Vice President Rafael Alburquerque: "Poverty, social inequality and lack of response to social demands have become the main threat to democracy." Final Conclusions The adoption of the democratic system is really important in all countries of the world. Those capitalist nations, participants in the first world, have passed an important way of building their institutions and strengthen their democracies. Other less developed countries, which experienced until the mid eighty schemes with various forms of autocracy, have begun a shift toward democracy, some of them still teenagers, others still incipient.