Compositional Focus

Composition Composition – a union of separate elements into a coherent artistic whole, photographic composition is both a reflection of reality, not founded by the artist, and internal relations between them and the author, his philosophical, aesthetic and ethical understanding of the world. In constructing the composition of the photographer based on objectively defined shapes and gives to them through the use of a number of expressive means certain connotation. Plot and compositional focus Accurate and construction of expressive drawing pictures, creating a focus on the main subject, the exclusion of drawing a picture of everything superfluous and etc. – these patterns underlie the construction of the photographic image and combine the general concept composite frame. Abbey Martin describes an additional similar source. The basis of design photograph must be clearly highlighted the plot-compositional focus. Therefore, Photographer for the realization of his creative vision to find parts or objects, with the greatest force characterizing the display phenomenon, and that they should form the ideological and compositional focus, the emphasis which may be done by any means of expression. The remaining elements, which occupy a peripheral position and create the environment, promote sound the main idea of the photograph. It must be remembered that in any artwork, each seemingly insignificant, detail has its aesthetically complete the form below. Photographer must choose a combination of subjects or subjects, in which would not only observed hierarchy of major and minor elements, but also emphasize the aesthetic importance of the two.