China Energy – Climate & Environment

Solar technology companies conquer the German market more and more good solar manufacturer on the German market and bring fresh momentum in the photovoltaics solar of China: Chinese solar modules on the way to Europe. The German feed-in tariff is a good way to do the environmental awareness and to produce solar power and that is happening now in the year 2009 vigorously. More and more guys investiern in the photovoltaic technology to produce own electricity and minimize the Home Depot. The yields are at nearly 10 percent and banks finance PV systems with good conditions. China has recognised this of course many companies trying to gain a foothold in the German market and succeed.

Good modules have certificates CE, TUV and IEC. So companies like Suntech have power, SunLink, Shunda and Yingli representations in Germany, german. The question of guarantee will be clarified so zuverlaassig the consumer, should help be needed sometime. The service is perfect and the Chinesisen do more to conquer the new German market beyond measure. The prices for ca Chinese modules are 10 percent cheaper, especially as it has the raw material, its own Silicon in the land of the rising sun. So there is nothing against quality modules from China actually.