Bronchitis Asthma

Bronchitis Bronchitis is the first symptom is a runny nose, then followed by a dry cough, there is a weakness, the temperature rises. Then the cough becomes wet and starts to move away phlegm. Important time to begin treatment, otherwise it threatens to transfer the disease into a chronic form that is much more difficult to treat. The causes of the disease are viruses and bacteria. Upon infection, viral infection, the mucous membranes are unable to fully perform its function. Thereby provide access to bacteria in the internal organs of the respiratory system. The main rule is to treat bronchitis bed rest. To reduce the heat to take antipyretic drugs, drinking plenty of fluids.

After body temperature has dropped is possible to use additional treatments, grinding special ointments in the chest, warming up with mustard plasters. Prevention of bronchitis is pretty simple. Necessary vitamins, not smoking, and alcohol, as these habits contribute to the weakening of the body. Besides hypothermia and chronic diseases contribute to the development bronchitis. Asthma Asthma affects the respiratory tract and is related to a chronic relapsing disease. Asthma is the primary symptom of asthma. The first sign of a paroxysmal cough accompanied by shortness of breath and discharge of minor amounts of phlegm.

If you get asthma attack breath short and extended breath accompanied by wheezing. At the end of the attack separated viscous sputum. For asthma graded approach is applied to sense the intensity of treatment is increasing in terms of complications of the disease. This approach controls the disease with Reduced intake of medicines. In the case of exacerbation frequency and dose of medication is increased. Therapeutic drugs for asthma are produced in the form of aerosols, and tablets. More effective treatment is inhalation. This method allows you to deliver medicine directly into the interior of the bronchi and not cause major side effects, unlike drugs in pill form. Except medical treatment of asthma should follow a few rules of allergy. Do not eat foods that cause allergies, do not keep things in the house with the ability to accumulate dust, wash more often linens, daily spend wet cleaning.