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5 RESULTS AND QUARRELS 5,1 GENERAL ASPECTS OF the ISLAND DE SANTANA the intitled research Public Health: Buccal hygiene as Quality of Life, was carried through in the locality of Island of Santana, City of Santana, State of the Amap. The Island of Santana possesss an exuberant beauty of bushes and birds, small groupings of beach and is surrounded by the River Amazon, is approximately 05 (five) minutes of the headquarters of the City of Santana and the access is made fluvial way, by means of the use of small boats that are called by the local population of ' ' catraias' ' , these are anchored in a port bred specifically for the embarkment and landing of people and some types of foodstuffs, as: banana, goiaba, vegetables, vegetables, pulp of fruits and aa, typical fruit of the region, much appreciated by the local population. 900 (nine hundred) families live approximately in the region, according to Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statisticians (IBGE 2009). The State School Osvaldina functions in the place Blacksmith Da Silva who takes care of to the pertaining to school average of 1 series of basic education until average education, also possesss a Basic Unit of Health, where doctor and other deriving services of the public health are carried through atendimentos and a police rank. In the region School is located 1 Forest of the disactivated State meeting has 10 years more than. The conditions of the place in relation to the basic sanitation are precarious, therefore canalized water does not exist, the houses possesss artesian wells, nor sanitary sewer, fas septic if they find in the proper land of the residences, the streets are not tarred and the garbage collection is made two times in the week by means of a small tractor with dump-cart (the tow) that it passes the same in the houses collecting.