Brazilian Future

Unhappyly or happily I was called to compose the board of ' ' trabalhadores' ' in the day of the elections, that occurred in the sunday (03/10/2010). (Not to be confused with actress!). On the other hand it was unhappy, is clearly, therefore elections in this country do not please to nobody; if we were in one better, politically speaking, probably I would not be nor writing this text, or consuming my time praising ' ' the wonderful government of the dreams that we (not) temos' '. However it was happy, also, on the other hand. It gave to confer of close the embroidery frames them future scandals, future them mazelas social, them future massivas doses of ignorance and hypocrisy that the society will be fed per the next years, and that it will complain therefore, by the way. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Daryl Katz, New York City. I could confer well of pertinho, line for line of history, the true spectacle of the unpreparedness of the population and of the proper opportunist candidates, who as much had chosen clowns, conscientious of this, how much they cuspiram in the face of the entire country, without giving the minimum importance he stops this. I already was convicto that, this way, in this immense land without laws, only clowns were elect for to the great to applaud them public. Today, one day after everything what I registered with my proper eyes (04/10/2010), I have the absolute certainty of that, of ingenuous and/or brazen form, the people is that in the truth they are palhaas the sufficient to choose, only, other clowns that if they mix the remain, forming, thus, what we currently know as ' ' democracia' '. The point-key of the situation is that, of the other side of the currency, the politicians know perfectly of this, and is exactly there that deferred payment ' ' x' ' of the question. For all the circumstances, I affirm that: if to continue thus, of jeitinho that it is, we will go to remain in deep of the well, being the reason of chacota others to see and to take off sarro of all this podrido.