Binet Holistic

In the book a comprehensive Vision of education the perennial philosophy is defined as the most important three influences of holistic education; repeating that it is the heart of this new paradigm and is conceived as the direct road to integrity, recognizing that body, mind and spirit, are the constituents of the human being, but emphasizing that the basis of all this conformation is the spirit, which represents our true nature. All this vision is synthesized on the principle that we are not human beings going through a spiritual experience, but that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. BASE EPISTEMOLoGICA the books in which it is more related to the epistemological basis are the education of the heart education holistic, Universal Love pedagogy and learning communities. The book the education of the heart explains that, from the point of view holistic acknowledges the existence of different types of intelligence and its importance in all learning processes. From the subhumano level of emotional intelligence that It is the most primitive type of intelligence, based on our instincts, but that thanks to the survival becomes possible. The intellectual intelligence of Binet, based on cognitive, in our faculty to think, has been for a long time that more importance has been given within the school spaces, under the assumption that was unique and sufficient to cover the entire process of learning, however. On the other hand, the book learning communities stressed that the holistic education does not reduce a single method or to a single theory, but that is more of a human field of inquiry about human consciousness and the relationship between humans and the universe they inhabit. With this vision, with a view to the 21st century, it is expected that education will be holistic and organised into learning communities, and articulator early in the educational process will be the learning to learn, and sees that the best way is through learning communities, where those involved in any process of learning they are always learning all of all, and that the most important resource in this process is dialogue holistic, seen as a possibility to build shared meanings.