It seems that the society does not want nor to think about it. Nevertheless, on the other hand, there is much people who simply take a walk as for any park they ask and us for some tombs. It is very good idea to organize routes like the one of today. Every time they come but interested people reason why it has behind the walls of the cemeteries. That is very good. PVV: I have heard sometimes that the families, so that they do not rob the crowns to them put, them within the tombs, before placing the tablet. C.M: it smiles No, no, do not rob flowers I do not say that it has not happened sometimes, but is not the habitual thing. What we do, is that when is already withered, we took the crowns to a recycling center.

PVV: You take a walk between monuments of a great beauty. are some especially you likes more? C.M: Twice does not think it, responds automatically, as if other times had already made him this question. – ” The man of pico” – He affirms – It is a tribute to all the workers of cemeteries. It is a very beautiful sculpture located to the feet of the cemetery of Montjuic. You have seen it? – it asks to me. – There is no day that does not leave there without throwing last a cautious one to him. I know well that sculpture I recorded, it in one from my visits to Barcelona. Perhaps it is an urban legend, but they tell that this man was digging a grave and had the fatal luck, to nail the tip in the back. I close the notebook and while we finished our coffee and the passages of the first visitors are listened to, it gives time us to chat a little more on the life, the death and history.